Aches & Pains Drip

Your daily and monthly suffering can end! Our special nutrient combination of vitamins and pain-relieving anti-inflammatory medication will boost your mood and ease your discomfort from chronic headaches, migraines, as well as typical symptoms of PMS like depression, irritability, bloating, breast tenderness, cramping, and weight gain. Research has shown that magnesium & calcium deficiencies are linked to headaches and PMS symptoms, both physical and emotional. Studies have shown they have significantly reduced premenstrual depression, fatigue, edema, and pain associated with PMS.

INGREDIENTS: Toradol, Calcium, Magnesium, B-Complex, Electrolytes


​Magnesium acts as a potent smooth muscle relaxer, perfect for relieving muscular tension, cramping, or even stress. Magnesium calms nerves & anxiety, helps prevent osteoporosis, prevents migraines, headaches, and relieves muscle aches & spasms.

Taurine is known to relieve anxiety, stress, and users experience mood-enhancing effects.



Long Night?

Get ready for round 2! Or, just work... Rehydrate, resolve nausea, fatigue, & headaches for quick relief & liver support


Bring out radiance & natural glow. Fortify hair, skin & nails. Reduce wrinkles, acne & quench tired skin from the inside out.


Kick-Start Immune System

Feel better faster! Get over cold & flu symptoms with high dose Vitamin C, Zinc, anti-oxidants & more.


Supercharge Your Day!

Jet-lagged? Busy professional? Boost your energy with this rejuvenating drip packed with essential vitamins that leave you feeling vibrant and full of life.