Immunity Drip

Immunity Drip

Give your body the fuel it needs to stay healthy and on the go. The Immunity Drip is a cold and flu booster, and improves both immune health and mental clarity. Our powerful blend contains powerful antioxidants that deliver a high dose of Vitamin C to fight off bugs and rev your immune system into high gear! The Immunity drip is effective at the first sign of symptoms, while fighting a bug, and even for prevention.

This drip is highly recommended for anyone recovering from surgery, during flu season, at the onset of a cold/sickness, or anyone that is always on the go!

INGREDIENTS: Vitamin C (5,000 mg), Zinc, B-Complex, Arginine, Minerals, Electrolytes


Upgrade to our Super Immunity Drip: 20,000 mg of Vitamin C for a powerful immunity boost (+$40)



Long Night?

Get ready for round 2! Or, just work... Rehydrate, resolve nausea, fatigue, & headaches for quick relief & liver support

Glo (Beauty)

Bring out radiance & natural glow. Fortify hair, skin & nails. Reduce wrinkles, acne & quench tired skin from the inside out.


Supercharge Your Day!

Jet-lagged? Busy professional? Boost your energy with this rejuvenating drip packed with essential vitamins that leave you feeling vibrant and full of life.