Renewme Med Spa, Los Angeles: Intravenous (IV) Treatment for Dehydration

The entire human body is made up of 60% water. The brain is made up of 73% water, the heart is made up of 73% water, the lungs are made up of 83% water, the muscles and kidneys are made up of 79% water, while the skin is made up of 64% water. These are to show that water is very essential to every cell and organ in the body.

Water has many functions in the body which include:

  • Cellular metabolism and building materials
  • Transport of nutrients including protein and carbohydrates
  • Regulation of internal body temperature
  • Elimination of waste products through urine
  • Water acts as lubrication for the joints in the body
  • Water acts as shock absorbers for the brain and spinal cord
  • Dehydration occurs when you use or lose more water and fluids than you take in. Dehydration is a state whereby your body doesn’t have enough water and fluids to carry out its normal functions.
  • Anyone may become dehydrated if they don’t drink enough water or adequately replace lost fluids. Dehydration can occur in any age group, both young and old. If you don’t drink enough water, especially during hot weather and after exercising vigorously, you will most likely be dehydrated.

Illnesses such as diarrhea, fever, vomiting, infections affecting the lungs and bladder are common causes of dehydration. Taking certain medications can also increase your risk of dehydration.

Mild to moderate dehydration can be reversed by drinking more fluids, but severe dehydration needs immediate medical treatment such as IV dehydration therapy.

Dehydration Treatment and Management

The only effective treatment for dehydration is to replace the lost fluids. Drinking enough water can help to replace lost fluids in most people. However, the best way to treat dehydration is to consider certain factors. The best approach for the treatment of dehydration depends on the age of the patient, the severity of dehydration, and the cause.

In infants and children who are dehydrated as a result of illnesses such as diarrhea, vomiting, or fever, the use of over-the-counter oral rehydration solution can help to rehydrate their body system. Over-the-counter oral rehydration solutions contain water and salts in specific proportions that help to replenish both lost fluids and electrolytes. Drinking diluted sports drinks may also help to rehydrate their body system.

Adults with mild to moderate dehydration as a result of illnesses such as diarrhea, vomiting, or fever can find improvement by drinking more water or other liquids such as sports drinks and carbonated beverages. Taking more water and sports drinks help to replace lost fluids and electrolytes for the proper functioning of your body system.

Best Uses for Dehydration IV

Taking water and other fluids orally may provide limited benefits. Children and adults who are severely dehydrated may not find improvements by drinking water and other fluids. This is because the water and other fluids will first have to pass through the digestive system to the stomach before being absorbed by the body.

The long traveling through the digestive system reduces the amount of water that the body is able to absorb. Also, the digestive system controls absorption rates. This means the body can only absorb a certain amount of water and fluids when taken orally. The body will only be able to absorb about 50% of the water and fluids that you drink orally.

IV hydration therapy provides you with the full benefits for total rehydration. IV for dehydration is a more effective solution for mild and severe dehydration. An IV dehydration drip contains saline water and electrolytes which are intravenously delivered directly into your bloodstream. Your body is able to absorb 90-100% of the contents been delivered into your bloodstream.

IV hydration drip contains saline water and electrolytes that your body needs to function properly. Your body quickly absorbs the saline water and electrolytes in higher amounts to quickly rehydrate your body system, leaving you revitalized, energized, and refreshed.

IV Fluids for Dehydration

There are different IV fluids for dehydration. Most IV fluids for dehydration contain saline water and electrolytes. Other contains crystalloid solutions that could be hypotonic, hypertonic, or isotonic.


Saline is the chemical name for salt while the generic name is sodium chloride. Saline is a sterile fluid that is administered intravenously. Saline is used for extracellular fluid replacement such as dehydration hemorrhage, and sepsis. The dosage of saline needed depends on the age of the patient, weight, and medical condition of the patient.


Electrolytes are minerals found in your body that are essential to the proper muscle functions, the pH balance of your blood, and more. When you sweat when exercising or engaging in activities, you naturally lose electrolytes. Plain water doesn’t contain electrolytes. Your body doesn’t produce electrolytes naturally on its own. Electrolytes must be replaced by taking drinks and beverages that contain electrolytes.Intravenous (IV) Treatment for Dehydration in Los angeles

Crystalloid solutions

Crystalloid solutions contain small particles that easily pass from the bloodstream into the cells and tissues. Crystalloids are classified according to their tonicity. Tonicity is the ability of water to move in and out of a cell by osmosis.

The three types or classes of crystalloids are:


This is when the extracellular fluid has fewer solutes or osmolarity than the fluid in the cells. In this case, water will move from the extracellular fluid into the cells.


This is when the extracellular fluid has more solutes than the fluid in the cells. In this case, water flows out of the cells.


This is when both the extracellular and intracellular have the same solutes. In this case, there is no movement of water between them.

How to prevent dehydration with IV Hydration Therapy

Staying hydrated at all times is the best and only way to prevent dehydration. Staying hydrated when you are sick or not feeling well can be difficult, especially if you’re vomiting.

IV hydration therapy helps to prevent dehydration by delivering adequate amounts of fluids and electrolytes directly into your bloodstream which are quickly absorbed by your body. Your body will then have the necessary amount of water and fluid to function optimally. All the cells and tissues in your body will have adequate amounts of fluid to function properly.

IV hydration therapy helps to quickly and thoroughly restore the fluid balance in your body for optimal body functions and good health.

Benefits IV therapy for dehydration

IV therapy for dehydration provides many benefits which include:

It is easier on your Digestive System

Drinking a lot of water and other fluids every time can be hard on your digestive system. Medical practitioners always tell us to drink a lot of water as many times as possible. The more water you drink, the more work is being done by your digestive system. Your digestive system will continue to work and must work overtime to get rid of the fluids that it cannot process or doesn’t need.

During the process when your body starts to get rid of the excess fluids, it can also flush out many of the nutrients your body needs. Hydration IV therapy delivers fluids directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. Your body is able to absorb fluids without relying on the digestive system.

It is more efficient

Drinking fluids is not a very efficient way to give the body adequate amounts of fluids it requires. When you drink water orally, the tissues in your throat and along your digestive tract absorb most of the water. Some tissues below your digestive tract may not get adequate amounts of water. Because of this, you need to drink a lot of water to sufficiently reach all the tissues in your body and properly hydrate your body.

Hydration IV therapy delivers the fluids directly into your bloodstream. Your body absorbs the fluids and delivers the fluids to where they are needed the most. Hydration IV therapy is a faster and more efficient way to deliver fluids to body tissues and hydrate your body.

It is customized to your body

Every individual has a different body system. Our bodies have different needs depending on our age, health, activity level, and lifestyle. Drinking water may not provide your body with adequate amounts of fluids it needs to perform at the highest levels. Hydration IV therapy is customized to your body system. Depending on your condition, you get the perfect blend of fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients that your body needs to function properly.

It flushes out toxins from your body

The kidneys and liver work to filter out and eliminate toxins from your body. Dehydration can damage your liver and kidneys, and allow toxins to build up in your body. Hydration IV therapy can help to flush out toxins from your body and improve the functioning of your vital body organs. Your liver and kidneys may not get the adequate amount of fluids they need to function properly when you drink water and other fluids. IV therapy quickly delivers significant amounts of water and fluids that your liver and kidneys need to function properly.

You need more than just fluids

Water doesn’t contain electrolytes. When you engage in intense exercises or activities, you lose more than just fluids. Drinking just water is not enough to replenish lost nutrients and strength. Hydration IV drip contains fluids and essential nutrients that your body needs to bounce back to life. It replenishes all lost nutrients and energy. It revitalizes your body in the shortest possible time.

Reduced recovery time

Hydration is critical to the recovery of your body from illness. Athletes require proper hydration to help reduce muscle soreness and stiffness after a workout or play. Taking enough fluids can help if you’re tired. Taking enough fluids also helps you recover from a hangover.

Hydration IV therapy helps your body recover faster than drinking fluids orally because your body absorbs adequate amounts of fluids when taken intravenously. Your body also absorbs fluids faster when taken intravenously.

Improved Skin, Joint, and Muscle Health

When the body is dehydrated, many parts of the body suffer. The skin, joints, and muscles also suffer. You may experience dry skin, joint pain, and muscle aches when you are dehydrated. Hydration IV therapy will rapidly improve the health of your skin, joints, and muscles by delivering adequate amounts of water and fluids that your body needs.Intravenous (IV) Treatment for Dehydration Los angeles

The skin, joints, and muscles will begin to feel better and healthier. Fluids help to lubricate your joints, improve the appearance of your skin, and also improve the health of your muscles.

Improves Cognitive function

The brain is made up of 73% water. The brain needs adequate amounts of water to function optimally. When you are dehydrated, your brain begins to slow down. You don’t process information as quickly as possible, you may experience frequent memory loss, and you may feel headaches. When you drink water, your brain may not get the needed amount of water and fluids it needs to function properly. IV therapy provides significant amounts of water and fluids that your brain needs to function properly.


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