Just Relax Drip

Just Relax Drip

Our Relax formula will have you find your inner peace in no time. The Relax Drip delivers essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream to calm the body and eliminate moodiness, irritability and other signs of stress. Our Relax Drip has numerous benefits that range from improved mood, ability to focus, increased relaxation, and reduction in perceived stress levels.

​Magnesium is a powerful mineral that functions as a potent smooth muscle relaxant. It calms nerve and anxiety and relieves muscle aches and spasms. Taurine inhibits neurological processes that create anxiety or stress.

​With a simple IV hydration session, your body gets everything it needs to relax so you can get back to your daily activities without feeling stressed.

INGREDIENTS: Magnesium, Taurine, Electrolytes




Long Night?

Get ready for round 2! Or, just work... Rehydrate, resolve nausea, fatigue, & headaches for quick relief & liver support

Glo (Beauty)

Bring out radiance & natural glow. Fortify hair, skin & nails. Reduce wrinkles, acne & quench tired skin from the inside out.


Supercharge Your Day!

Jet-lagged? Busy professional? Boost your energy with this rejuvenating drip packed with essential vitamins that leave you feeling vibrant and full of life.