Low T in Men in Los Angeles

Low T in Men in Los Angeles

Low T in Men in Los Angeles

Low testosterone, also known as low T, is a condition in men where the testicles fail to produce the appropriate amount of testosterone. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone that’s responsible for a lot of physiological functions. It plays a major role in developing male sexual and reproductive characteristics.

The hormone also helps with muscle mass gain and an increase in home density. Overall it improves the general well-being, including the sexual and physical well-being of males. For testosterone to function effectively as it should in the male body system, it has to be available in the appropriate amount.

Any factor that results in decreased production of this hormone can affect all of its functions discussed earlier, and it should be a cause of major concern. Immediate treatment should be sought to bring testosterone levels back to normal in the male body to avoid long-term complications such as infertility.

This article will discuss the symptoms and signs of these conditions so you can quickly seek help when you notice any of them.

Causes of Low T in Men

Low testosterone in men is caused by several factors, some of which are:

Testicular injury or infection

The testicular is responsible for producing testosterone. If any injury or infection affects testosterone, it will greatly affect hormone production, especially in severe circumstances.

Cancer treatment

Cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation, is a major cause of low testosterone. Exposure to chemotherapy and radiation affects certain physiologic processes, such as testosterone production, leading to low T in males.

Pituitary gland disease or other hormone disorders

Pituitary disorders affect the release of pituitary hormones that influence testosterone production in the testicles. Disorders of hormones that promote testosterone production also result in low T. This abnormality results in low T, a common cause of this condition in men.


Another factor that could result in low T is medications. Medications such as corticosteroids, opioids, and similar other compounds affect testosterone synthesis in males.

Genetic conditions

A popular cause of low testosterone in men is genetic conditions. Conditions such as Klinefelter syndrome cause low T due to underdevelopment of testicles which results in low male hormone production.

Alcohol and drug abuse

Alcohol and drug consumption affect testosterone levels. Excess consumption of both drugs and alcohol can result in low testosterone levels in males and even in females. Alcohol abuse is associated with infertility due to low levels of testosterone.

The Various Signs and Symptoms of Low T in Men 

Certain things in the body indicate that the individual suffers from low testosterone. Such signs include

Reduced sex drive

Testosterone plays a huge role in sexual drive; thus, being short on testosterone in the body system means low sex drive. It’s normal to observe a reduced libido with aging, but the decline in sex drive associated with testosterone is sudden.

Loss of armpit and pubic hair

Testosterone helps develop secondary sexual characteristics in males, including armpit and pubic hair, but when it’s deficient, armpit and pubic hair loss will be observed. If you observe a sudden loss of pubic and armpit hair, you should consult a physician.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is also a major symptom of low testosterone in males. Testosterone sends signals to the brain to help stimulate a cascade of reactions to achieve and sustain an erection. This is not the case for men with low T. Low testosterone levels cause difficulty producing and maintaining an erection before sex. It could also result in a spontaneous erection.

Shrinking testicles

Testicles and penis require testosterone to develop normally. Males dealing with low testosterone will observe reduced penis size and shrinking testicles.

Increased body fat and reduced muscle mass

A male with a healthy testosterone level and healthier lifestyle choices will thrive and experience increased body mass and reduced body fat. That’s not the case for men with low T. Low testosterone levels are associated with weight gain and muscle mass loss. Enlarged breast tissue may also be observed.

Low or zero sperm count

Azoospermia, known as low sperm count and zero sperm count, is also among the signs and symptoms of low in males.

The Various Treatments for Low T in Men in Los Angeles

The Various Treatments for Low T in Men in Los Angeles

The Various Treatments for Low T in Men in Los Angeles

Low T can effectively be treated by restoring the testosterone level in the body back to the normal range. Treatments for low T in men include:

Testosterone Injection

An effective testosterone treatment is testosterone injection. It’s a cost-effective testosterone replacement therapy option. These injections come in different formulations ranging from long-acting to short-acting preparations. This treatment could last for a limited period or even forever, depending on individual needs.

Testosterone Patches

This is another treatment for low testosterone levels in men. The transdermal patch containing testosterone is attached to the skin once every day at the same time of the day to increase the level of testosterone. Avoid placing a patch on the same spot as you removed it for about seven days or more; change the patch application sites. Review your drugs and supplements with your physician, as they may interact with certain medications.

Testosterone gels

This is another testosterone treatment option to explore for low T. Testosterone gels are applied on the skin and penetrate through the skin to enter the circulatory system. Within a short period of using this gel, an individual will notice improvements in the symptoms of low T.

Testosterone pills

These are prescribed testosterone medications administered to increase the level of testosterone in an individual. It’s administered orally, and your previous medical history and current condition are evaluated to ensure the pills are the right choice for you. Ensure you take the right dose and avoid sharing the medications with someone else. If you missed a dose, take it as soon as possible but avoid taking double doses simultaneously.

Testosterone pellets

Testosterone pellets are implanted under the skin in the buttock area or near the hip. The testosterone is gradually absorbed by the body from the pellets.

Frequently Asked Questions on low T in men

What does low T do to a man?

Low testosterone can affect a man in various ways. It can affect the libido, cause weight gain, loss of muscle mass, sleep issues, and emotional challenges. The effects of Low T can be reversed with the right treatment.

Does low T affect sperm?

Low testosterone symptoms are observed in a man when his testosterone drops below optimal levels. It can directly affect sperm production resulting in fertility. It could also affect libido and cause erectile dysfunction.

How can I increase my testosterone level quickly?

The fastest way to increase testosterone levels is to go for testosterone replacement therapy. Improving your diet, avoiding stress, exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, and making healthier lifestyle choices can also help increase your testosterone levels.

How low is dangerously low testosterone?

A dangerously low level of testosterone is below 300 ng/dL. Most times, it’s associated with symptoms that indicate testosterone deficiency. You can determine your testosterone level, but experiencing certain symptoms can help you detect, but you still need a professional to make an accurate diagnosis.

Is it safe to live with low testosterone?


Testosterone is Safe

Testosterone is Safe

Low testosterone can be dangerous if not quickly addressed. Men with low T deal with a loss of negative symptoms associated with low T. When the testosterone levels are abnormally low, there’s a reduction in bones’ strength and muscle mass, and sexual issues and other health-related issues may arise.

Can low testosterone be cured permanently?

Most times, low testosterone can be gotten rid of permanently. However, you will have to continue with the treatment to reverse the symptoms of low T and improve your quality of life.

What are the effects of low T in men?

Low testosterone can result in lower energy levels, weight gain changes in sleep patterns, and other symptoms associated with low T. Testosterone replacement therapy is used to reverse all these effects. Consult a physician to determine if TRT is the best solution for your low T symptoms.

Can a man recover from low testosterone?

A man can recover from low testosterone. However, you will need to continue with your treatment for as long as you want to boost your testosterone levels. Treatments such as testosterone replacement and other natural treatments like exercise, improved diet, and healthy lifestyle practices can help boost your testosterone levels and improve your symptoms.

How can I raise my testosterone levels without testosterone replacement treatment?

You can increase your testosterone levels with other natural treatments. Exercising, eating healthy diets, and getting enough sleep can help boost your testosterone level. Avoiding alcohol, drugs, and stress also helps to boost testosterone levels.

Which food is rich to boost testosterone?

Foods such as oysters, leafy greens, fatty fish, and olive oil may promote testosterone production in the body. Foods that contain zinc, vitamin D, and magnesium are essential in encouraging testosterone production.

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