NAD+ Drip Addiction (1,000mg)


Drug & Alcohol Addiction (1000mg)

Many clinics and rehab centers have used NAD+ Therapy as an option for detox by taking advantage of its cellular repair functions. Through the process of neurogenesis, NAD+ has shown to reduce cravings associated with drugs and alcohol, as well as reducing withdrawal effects when suddenly stopping. It is known to alleviate drug dependency through the renovation of opiate receptors. It is regarded as a more natural solution to prescription drugs and very safe to use.\

When NAD is used as a detoxifier, nutrients bathe the brain in a pool of natural and highly therapeutic coenzymes. The NAD+ molecule then flushes out stored drugs from the body and its organs, and helps replenish balance in the brain. Reported results also include mental clarity, increased focus & concentration, more energy, increased metabolism, and an overall better mood.

INGREDIENTS: NAD+ 1000mg (5-8 Hour Infusion)



5-Day Treatment Program

*Recommended for optimal results*

Loading Dose:  
8-hour infusion (1000mg) x 1 day
6-hour infusion (750mg) x 1 day
4-hour infusion (500mg) x 3 days

Maintenance Dose: Once every month (more aggressive) or once every 3 months (less aggressive).

​$4,000/5-Day Treatment Program