NAD+ DRIP (Anti-Aging)


Anti-Aging (250mg)

As we age, our cells become less and less efficient due to the lack of NAD+. In fact by the time we reach 45 years old, we already have 50% less NAD+ than we did when we were 25. One of the best ways to combat aging is to maintain high levels of NAD+.

​As a result, this “miracle” molecule is mostly regarded for its effect on aging. According to a 2018 publication in Time Magazine, it is considered the “closest we’ve gotten to a fountain of youth.” Research has shown that NAD+ has a unique ability to protect tissues, induce DNA repair, repair neurons in the brain, and help increase lifespan. As such, several universities have been investigating these properties and beginning discussions about using NAD+ Therapy as a potential treatment for age-related degenerative diseases. While there is no confirmation that NAD+ Therapy can reverse aging, there is reason to think that increased NAD+ can at least help slow the aging process. Although some questions remain, recent studies into NAD+ Therapy show low toxicity and high effectiveness on the way towards a longer, better life.

INGREDIENTS: NAD+ 250mg (1-2 Hour Infusion)

Loading Dose: Recommended Once/week for 4 weeks. (More aggressive option: 3-4 consecutive days in a row).
Maintenance: Recommended Once every 3-6 months.


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